The Feelies Interviewed Nov. 20

The Nov. 20 edition of the Boris Rock Show featured an interview with The Feelies.


The New Jersey-based band formed in 1976 and although without a label, began to draw a following. In 1978, The Village Voice named them “The Best Unsigned Band In New York.” By 1980 they had signed with Stiff Records and released their debut, Crazy Rhythms.

While sales of the album were unimpressive, it was met with a critical thumb’s up. Then-lead vocalist Richard Reilly was compared to a Velvet Underground-era Lou Reed.

There was a turnover in the line-up shortly after their first album came out, leading to a six-year hiatus, but following a reformation and opening slot on a tour with REM. This would lead to REM guitarist Peter Buck producing their next album, The Good Earth which many consider a masterpiece.

bosfeeliesIn 1988 they would be on A&M where they released a pair of albums, Only Life (1988) and Time for a Witness (1991), but it was also the time the band by chance linked up with Reed. Backing their hero for an impromptu 20-minute performance at legendary Long Island rock radio station WLIR’s Christmas party, led to them opening during Reed’s tour to support the release of New York.

Following their 1991 release, the band again when dormant, but would play occasional gigs due to popular demand. Their cult following would allow them to record two albums for Bar None Records Here Before (2011) and In Between (2017).

The current line-up includes Glenn Mercer and Bill Million on guitars;
drummer Dave Weckerman; bassist Brenda Sauter; and percusiojnist
Stan Demeski.

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