John Powhida Featured Oct. 14

Boston-based John Powhida and members of his band, John Powhida International Airport (JPX), were guests on the Oct. 14 edition of The Devo Rock Show.powhinda

JPX recently released their second full-length album, The Bad Pilot. They were winners of the 2011 “Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble”, the annual Boston-area “battle of the bands” which is the longest-running competition of its kind in the country.

Powhida and his band  discussed how they made the record, the challenges of being in a band and raising children and writing songs about political figures.

John Powhida - The Bad PilotIncluded in the program were tracks from the new album, material from Powhida’s solo album, Cut Way Down — which was recorded in 2008, but wasn’t released until 2011 — and some of his various singles.

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