Heather Maloney Featured

An interview with singer-songwriter Heather Maloney will be featured on the Oct. 18 edition of The Boris Rock Show. The program runs 9 a.m.-noon with the interview airing around 10:30 a.m. Click here to listen live.

Growing up in New Jersey, Maloney studied opera and jazz singing, but in a change of artistic direction she lived at a silent retreat for three years where she honed her skills as a songwriter, primarily in the folk idiom.

She self-released a pair of records, her debut, Razor’s Edge, in 2009 and Time & Pocket Change in 2011 before signing with Signature Sounds Recordings in Northampton, Mass. In a three-year span she released Heather Maloney, Woodstock and Making Me Break.

Working with the Boston-based band  Darlingside, Maloney’s 2014 cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock” drew praise from critics, including a piece in the New York Times. Graham Nash also lauded the effort.

In addition to the interview, Boris will feature a wide range of Maloney’s music.

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