Remembering Toussaint

Two recent programs aired extended tributes to the legendary Allen Toussaint who passed away at the age of 77 on Nov. 10.

Allen Toussaint 1938-2015

     Allen Toussaint 1938-2015

Countless numbers of bands and artists covered his compositions in a career that spanned six decades.

The Boris & Devo Rock Show dedicated a large portion of their Nov. 13 program to the music of Toussaint, the renowned pianist, songwriter, arranger and producer who wrote and produced dozens of hits, making him one of the best-loved New Orleans musicians.

On Nov. 14, Greasy Tracks featured 40 his songs: done by either Toussaint, him collaborating with another artist or being covered by solo artists or bands.

Here’s The Boris & Devo tribute. Go here for for Hour 1Hour 2 and Hour 3 of Greasy Tracks, along with the playlist.

Influenced by the great Professor Longhair, Toussaint made his first recording in 1957 during a Fats Domino session where he played the piano part of the track “I Want You To Know” for Domino who was on tour at the time. Domino would later overdub his vocals on the track.

He came into his own as a songwriter in the early 1960s. His compositions carried various names for writing credits as he went under a number of pseudonyms, including using his mother’s name, Naomi Neville, along with Clarence Toussaint, Al Tousan and Allen Orange.

Some of Toussaint’s best-known songs include: “Mother-In-Law,” “Fortune Teller,” “A Certain Girl,” “Pain In My Heart,” “Get Out Of My Life Woman,” “Working In The Coal Mine,” “Yes We Can Can,” “Freedom For The Stallion,” “Southern Nights,” “Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley,” “Hercules” and “What Do You Want The Girl To Do.”

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