Jon Prent visits Ronnie’s Spirit

Singer Jon Prent was a guest on the April 5 edition of Ronnie’s Spirit where he discussed the challenges of making a mark in the fast-paced, ever-challenging music industry.

To listen to the Prent’s appearance, here’s Part 1 and Part 2.

In the studio: Jon Prent visited the WRTC studios on April 5 where he sat in on Ronnie's Spirit.

In the studio: Jon Prent visited the WRTC studios on April 5 where he sat in on Ronnie’s Spirit.

Based in New York City, Prent’s most recent single, “You Don’t Love Me” came out last December and was produced by his cousin, Hartford-based Prentice Loftly. It served as a follow-up to his debut, a cover of the Richard Rogers and Lorenz Hart standard, “My Pretty Valentine” which he released in early 2014.

Formerly known as Jonathan Victorian, he opted to honor the collaboration with Loftly by taking the stage name “Jon Prent.” Loftly is producing the soon-to-be-released EP, “Live, Love, Be.”

Prent, who describes his sound as “heart music,” gravitated to music when he was growing up in his native Ohio. His mother, recognizing his ability and desire, endeavored to make sure he was in surroundings that would his musical growth and development.

At the age of nine, he was in a national touring company doing a production of Oliver Twist. By high school and college, he was singing background for gospel artists such as BeBe Winans, Joe and Kimberly Burrell and ex Boys II Men member Shawn Stockman.

In 2007, he was on the reality television program, Making The Band, but left after the sixth episode. Prent has also participated in “The Conversation” which is sponsored by 8th Wonder, a New York-based management firm.

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